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Fireworks. Beach Day. Shag Contests. Flag-Raising Ceremonies. Bonfires.

These are some of the traditions we have enjoyed in North Carolina for over 40 years at the 4th of July Festival in Southport. Some of these same celebrations have taken place all around our country in the form of festivals since the first one in Philadelphia in 1777, a year after Congress approved the final text of the Declaration of Independence.

Most of us are familiar with 4th of July parties at homes and parks. Americans love to show their patriotic spirit with red, white and blue clothing and decor. A popular item for decor is our Freedom Bouquet or Independence centerpiece with red, white and blue flowers, and a miniature-version of our sacred Flag.



For all the patriots who struggled, risked everything or gave up their lives to form our great Nation, we offer tributes for Celebration of Life ceremonies and gatherings for Independence Day.


American flag tribute made of flowers

A touching tribute of the American Flag made of flowers. (photo from a Florist-Friend, Malone Flower Shop, Canonsburg, PA). If you are unable to be with those you want to celebrate with, you can send a Patriotic arrangement or even some FIREWORKS !


If you need any help with floral decor for your Independence Day Celebration or Memorial Tribute, contact us at (919) 847-3381 or order online.

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